Best on branding and best on fish

KIND develops the brand for the world’s largest
land-based trout facility.

KIND has developed the name, strategy, communication concept and visual identity for the world’s largest land-based trout farm. The plant will be built at Rjukan in Telemark, starting in May 2021. The company, Hima Seafood, has invested 80 million Euros in the project.

Telemark is well known for its clean and clear water and it is precisely in such an environment that trout thrive.  That is also why Rjukan will be the birthplace of the new, international seafood superstar.  The facility being built is based on RAS technology and will be the world’s largest of its kind.  This technology is currently the most sustainable, scalable and environmentally friendly method in fish farming.  When the plant is completed, it will produce 9,000 tonnes of trout.  That equates to around 22,000,000 dinners a year.

‍The trout from Hima will be sourced from the unique Osland trout strain from Høyanger in the Sognefjord, which is one of the oldest trout strains in Norway.  For sales and distribution of the end product, Hima will work with renowned Villa Seafood.

“It was no coincidence that we chose Kind to develop the new trout brand. Hima is targeting the global premium segment. With its unique experience in the international seafood market and recognized as one of the best branding agencies in the world, that choice was completely natural for us.”

Sten Falkum Chief Executive Officer of Hima Seafood

Tom Emil Olsen, CEO and founder of KIND adds:
“Trout is a natural delicacy.  With its special location in Rjukan, the crystal clear water and with the expertise available from Hima and its partners, I am sure that this will be a global success.  We look forward.”